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2011 will be the Tercentary of The Isla del Rey.
The English captured Menorca in 1708 under captain General Stanhope and General Leake,
Shortly afterwards 1n 1709 Richard Kane ( who later became Governor of the Island )
applied for 5000 pounds to build an Hospital, On the Isla del Rey, later known under the English
as Bloody Island, this was denied by the Admiralty.
In 1711 under the Command of Admiral Jennings Commander in Chief of the English Navy
another petition was denied; at which time the construction was begun with funds put
forward by Jennings and his officers.
Vice Admiral John Baker arrived in Menorca in 1715 revised the Hospital quote and re-
submitted to the Secretary of State, this again was denied; eventually later that year
final payment was settled for 468 pounds.
The Hospital was an harmonious assembly (conjunto ammonioso) certainly beautiful and
orientated towards the south-east.
The building took on the form of a `U`, which was usual in the style of Sir Christopher Wren-
Royal Chelsea Hospital, Greenwich Naval Hospital etc.
There were 14 wards with individual beds accommodating 336 patients.
Menorca remained in ´British´ hands for nearly 100 years
!n 1770 after a cave-in the hospital´s operations were suspended for a while, until re-building
took place in 1776 under Governor Mostey, this added a second storey with a then total of
40 wards accommodating 1500 patients!
The  present re-building with volunteers and donations is of this latter building.
The Dynamics of one man, General Alejandro, has re-generated a building that had been very
close to LOST,his enthusiasm and friendship with all involved from many countries and re-linking
the countries involved with the hospital during the last 3 centuries : Spain,Britain,France,United
States of America,Germany and Italy : goes beyond bounds.

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